Our Work

Rwanda is a small, highly populated and very poor country in Central Africa. Having been been incredibly damaged by the recent genocide the people are now beginning to recover and the Government is rebuilding the infrastructure.


Bigogwe is situated in the northwest of the country, in a broad valley at the foot of Mount Karisimbi (featured in the film “Gorillas in the Mist”).

Major Achievements by The Trust (help from other organisations acknowledged)

1992 Building commenced by others.
1994 Building abandoned because of genocide.
2004 Bigogwe Trust become involved.
2004 Centre given by Rwanda Government to the Diocese of Shyira (Bishop John Rucyahana).
Dr's House built, Bigogwe Trust formed.
Main buildings cleaned, repaired and painted.
2005 Centre opened with 5 members of staff.
International Centre for AIDS care and Treatment (ICAP) begin supporting staff salaries.
2006 First doctor appointed by Bishop John.
2008 New diocese of Kivu established (Bishop Augustin Ahimana).
2009 New Maternity provided by ICAP.
Need for Caesarean section service recognised.
Autoclave and operating equipment provided and installed.
Dental surgery equipment sourced from Dentaid.
2010 The first Caesarean section!
2011 300th section done in first year!
Ultrasound machine given by Newcastle Rotary.
Extra ground purchased.
Renovation of final building commenced.
2012 Backup Generator for the operating theatre provideds.
2013 New Maternity built by Access Project (The Earth Institute)
Transfusion refrigerator and dental X-ray installed.
2014 Neonatal Incubator and Anaesthetic machine provided.
Wall heaters in operating theatre installed.
Perimeter wall and new incinerator constructed.
Reduction of international support for staff salaries announced.
2015 Support commenced for three members of staff.
Second Operating theatre built and equipped.
Backup Generator for the main building provided.
Wall heater for baby resuscitation provided.
2016 Vital signs monitor for second operating theatre provided.